Web Conference 2018

Welcome to the EOS SUMMIT 2018

Dapps, Venture Capital, Incubators

The EOS summit brings together the EOS Community and presents some of the finest projects built on EOSIO including Dapps, EOS sister chains such as Worbli venture capital firms and incubation hubs. It will be streamed live via Crowdcast, Twitch, YouTube and Bilibili. The Summit is expected to draw enthusiasts, every-day users, developers, block producers, venture capitalists and speculators, to mention but a few. Our selection criteria focused on projects that are ground-breaking and are ready or preparing for mass adopti

Access and watch from popular streaming platforms

live via Crowdcast, Twitch, Youtube and Bilibili


Catch the conversation taking place from builders of Dapps, Financiers and Incubators bringing the best to the EOS community.

Over 30 teams will be presenting during the summit alongside 3 major venture capital firms. Join Worbli, Eva, Everipedia and many others during the summit.

Decentralized Applications

Meet teams that are building global solutions on EOSIO

“EOSIO’s greatest features include its ease of use for developers, C++ and javascript smart contracts, built-in incentives for resource allocation so users do not have to pay to use the system, and its ability to scale to current industrial levels of transaction throughput.” -Raphaël Gaudreault, Eva’s co-founder and Chief Technical Office.

Venture Capital and Incubation hubs

SVK Crypto, NodeOne, Gravity, EOS 42

Join the conversation on community driven venture funding and incubation by SVK Crypto, NodeOne , Gravity and EOS 42.

Event Schedule

The event will take place in 3 different sessions : The schedule is set in UTC

Speaker Session Time UTC
Fri, Nov 30, 2018
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Ashe Oro Opening and Introduction 5:00 AM Go to Crowdcast
Alina Huobi 5:10 AM Go to Crowdcast
Dr. Isaac Balbin Parsl 5:20 AM Go to Crowdcast
Tayo Dada Uncloak 5:40 AM Go to Crowdcast
Guy Kwan Panda Fun 6:00 AM Go to Crowdcast
Travis Moore Everipedia 6:20 AM Go to Crowdcast
Vladimir Tikhomirov , CEO MyWish(mywish.io) MyWish 6:40 AM Go to Crowdcast
Adam Dorfman Ifwhenthen 7:00 AM Go to Crowdcast
Keywolf Slow Mist 7:20 AM Go to Crowdcast
Ke Xu ONO 7:40 AM Go to Crowdcast
BREAK 8:00 AM Go to Crowdcast
Neb Zelenovich Infiniverse 8:10 AM Go to Crowdcast
彭皓 EOS Gravity 8:30 AM Go to Crowdcast
谭志勇 PocketEOS 8:50 AM Go to Crowdcast
Ali Ayyash Lumeos 9:10 AM Go to Crowdcast
Ivica Ljubicic Katalyo 9:30 AM Go to Crowdcast
David Packham Chintai 9:50 AM Go to Crowdcast
Shen Qing GOC 10:10 AM Go to Crowdcast
Luke Ryan Prospectors 10:30 AM Go to Crowdcast
Dmitri Prokopenko Meet.One 10:50 AM Go to Crowdcast
Charles Storry SVK Crypto 11:10 AM Go to Crowdcast
Panel Discussion on SideChains & Sister Chains on EOS 11:30 AM Go to Crowdcast
25 mins Break 11:55 AM Go to Crowdcast


meet the amazing teams behind these amazing projects built on EOSIO

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Meet the great teams that made the EOS Summit Conference possible




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Meet the great teams that made the EOS Summit Conference possible


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